ATHREUM vault strategies can be used to optimize farming of assets and maximize returns on your investments. These vault strategies are designed as modular smart contracts that are programmed to determine which assets to farm and where to sell them for optimal returns. The platform regularly harvests rewards, which are then swapped for the original vault asset, and deposited back into the vault for compound farming. This process allows users to generate additional returns on their investments without having to constantly monitor the market and make trading decisions manually.

To ensure security and reliability, each vault and strategy link is hardcoded into the smart contract. This means that the code is built to be immutable, which makes it impossible for anyone to modify the vaults and strategies once they have been released. This feature is crucial for ensuring that users can trust the platform and feel secure knowing that their investments are protected. However, if ATHREUM wants to release a new strategy for farming a different asset, a new vault and strategy smart contract must be built from scratch. This ensures that the new strategy is properly integrated into the platform and that it can be managed effectively. By using these methods ATHREUM is able to offer a secure and reliable platform for users to optimize their farming strategies and generate higher returns on their investments.

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